“It was raw shooting”. No static fashion shoot

Peter van Langen (Graphic designer) and Ferhat Aslan (Social Worker/Co-owner House of Boys) - started a photo shoot as a side project to the next House of Boys - Act 1 on Friday the 30th of March at WORM Rotterdam. “We were searching for a free spirit, without hard posing, looking for what we somewhat could call ‘naturalism’: working side to side with the models, using natural light”. “It was raw shooting”. No static fashion shoot. With their work they also hope to show it’s not all about being a colorful entertainment object in the nightlife as being queer person.
In this case showing more hidden poses. They did work with Tom Peters and Davide Amato who’ve caught his eyes at nightclubs or Instagram. “The idea is to photograph guys that, even if they're not professional models, are young and beautiful in person that we run along in the daily life and nightclubs. They are still impressionable and vulnerable as queer person in our society.The Netherlands is a country with an inherently strong hedonism, not necessarily queer, but because of the freedom“. We did shoot men’s, who, one way or another, are linked with the underground queer scene in Rotterdam”. We are open and free generation, but sometimes still fighting for rights to be more open and free. We want to get off being labelled as minority, we want to express ourselves. We do not want to choose a gender and lose our feminine or masculine sides by making this choice.‘’This project hopefully shows the most natural sides of the models as a  person. Even though we put them in a tough sport outfits. There are pictures that say ‘hey, I want to be free! Let me be free, with my body, without taboos or any kind of shame.”

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